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I can't believe this really worked! At 'A Slender You', I actually got liposuction results without surgery or pain. I was the biggest skeptic on the planet and decided to try this body wrap as my last hope to protect my 21 year military career. After completing 2 treatments, I lost a total of 3 inches from my waist within 4 days. This combined with exercise and diet, enabled me to pass the military Fit to Fight abdominal measurement.

-Military Member, Colorado Springs


'A Slender You' has offered the simplest, greatest way to improve the health and beauty of my body. "After only one body wrap my clothes are noticeably looser. Fantastic!" In just a few wraps, I've gotten several benefits. Losing several inches, my body is more comfortable. With the removal of toxins, I feel more energetic. I've lost minimally more than 1-2 inches in tummy, thighs and arms, not to mention the other places. This is the way to give your body a fresh start!

-Jeyssa, Colorado Springs


With 18 years of military service, I trusted "A Slender You" to get me back to military fitness standards. I had been deployed for a year and had gained weight during that time. Then I visited family and gained more weight. With 3 Slimming treatments and 3 mineral wraps from "A Slender You," I lost 25 pounds and an overall 30 inches in only 3 weeks, enabling me to pass my body fat test. I secured the position I wanted and will continue my military career!

-United States Army Member, Colorado Springs


'I loved what 3 slimming treatment at A Slender You did for me. I lost 14 pounds in 12 days and I noticed my cellulite was less. I recommend these treatments if you want to lose weight or begin a diet plan. Give A Slender You a call...you won't regret!

-Vikki, Colorado Springs


Relax your way to better health - within seconds I was completely relaxed and after 30 minutes I felt like a new person. Afterwards, my skin always feels great and my cheeks are rosy; in just a few days your skin tone changes. The infrared sauna, with its dry heat, is the perfect complement to your daily health and wellness regime. I always know that I'll exit the sauna a better person, and I feel the best I have ever felt!

-Lucia, Colorado Springs


"I especially love the full body toxin cleanse from A Slender You. Great for optimum health, plus overall overall inch loss. My skin is much smoother and I have much more energy."

-Rochelle, Colorado Springs


"Easy way to lose inches without the hard work! I feel great and relaxed afterwards!"

-Nicole, Colorado Springs

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