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Cleanse your Body

Are impurities standing in the way of your optimum health? Would you like to look and FEEL better? At 'A Slender You' in just one hour, you will see a slimmer and more shapely you. Just say NO to stress with our safe, healthful, and relaxing services below!

Mineral Body Wraps

An amazing product, the mineral body wrap, is designed to extract toxins from your body and reduce inches all around! Just imagine. This product removes deadly toxins through the pores of your skin using the ingredients in the mineral wrap. Then, once the toxins are removed the mineral wrap tightens the tissues around your body leaving a leaner and healthier body. In just one hour, the end result will have you amazed...read more

The ION Cleanse

An excellent method for detoxification is to use the Ion Cleanse, which will be provided to all patrons. Each session of the Ion Cleanse lasts approximately thirty minutes. The Ion Cleanse will generate positive and negative charged atoms into the water where one's feet are placed. Once the charged atoms withdraw toxins from your feet, the toxins will attach to the charged atom and create an Ion...read more

Infrared Sliming Treatments

This Infrared Slimming Treatment is the only fat loss system of its kind. Lose an average of 2 to 5 pounds of body fat in just one treatment. Through the unique use of infrared heat, you can achieve actual weight loss (not just water weight), increase your metabolism, burn calories, shrink stretch marks, rid yourself of harmful toxins, and finally lose that ugly cellulite! No exercise or diet just laydown to relax for an hour and lose 2 to 5 pounds...read more

Infrared Sauna

The Infrared Sauna is a highly popular and unique detoxification system designed to give any individual many health benefits. This is another service we provide where one sits comfortably for 45 minutes. The infrared system is different than a traditional sauna. The key difference between the two types of saunas are the humidity and oxygen levels in the room. The infrared sauna will have a vent...read more

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