a Slender You

The Mineral Body Wrap -- Loose Inches, in an Hour!

An amazing product, the mineral body wrap, is designed to extract toxins from your body and reduce inches all around!

Just imagine. This product removes deadly toxins through the pores of your skin using the ingredients in the mineral wrap. Then, once the toxins are removed, the mineral wrap tightens the tissues around your body leaving a leaner and healthier body. In just one hour, the end result will have you amazed, and you will depart with a wonderful slender body you will love!

Listed below are some of the benefits of using our mineral wraps:
  • Healthy loss of inches all over the body
  • Relaxed, yet energized feeling
  • Smoother skin
  • Tighter, firmer skin
  • Improvement in the appeareance of cellulite

The Mineral Body Wrap -- Loose Inches!

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