a Slender You

The ION Cleanse.. Detoxifying the planet two feet at a time!

An excellent method for detoxification is to use the Ion Cleanse, which will be provided to all patrons. Each session of the Ion Cleanse lasts approximately thirty minutes. The Ion Cleanse will generate positive and negative charged atoms into the water where one's feet are placed. Once the charged atoms withdraw toxins from your feet, the toxins will attach to the charged atom and create an Ion. From a non-scientific point of view, discoloration of the water will appear, which indicates toxins are removed from certain locations of the body. At our local salon, we will have a table prominently displayed with the colors that may appear in the water while using the Ion Cleanse, along with the locations the toxins are removed from the body.!

After using the Ion Cleanse, you'll walk away refreshed and invigorated without harmful toxins in your body. Try it. This service will benefit you! We will gladly assist you with using our product and give you instructions prior to using.

Please call for your free consultation on all our services at 719.231.7080 A Slender You is open by appointment only. Gift Cards are always available for purchase.